Help rtorrent-Pro labels for my movie downloads


Passing Basics
Sep 16, 2018
Very useful thx !

But when I tag "Film/1080" with:

AutoLabel = [DISABLED]
AutoMove = /.*/
Path to finished downloads = /share/Download/rtorrent/complete

The download film appear in:

/share/Download/rtorrent/complete/film.mkv [HARDLINK]

What is wrong with the configuration to get the movie in the desired directory?


Thx in advance, and sorry I am a newbi. :Dowidzenia:

rtorrent-Pro version: 0.9.6-0912 Released 2018/09/11
Firmware version: Build 2018/09/14
Model name: QNAP TS-453bmini
Please change username back to rtorrent-Pro.

Where? I am always login rtorrent, admin.


Note: I am erase all data in settings folder how you suggest to other user before.
To be honest I dont understand what you exactly expect from autotools.

Let me tell you few things how autotools works.



The plugin provides some possibilities on automation. Following functions are realized for now:
  • Auto Label automatic creation of labels at addition of new torrent through the web interface.
  • Auto Move automatic transferring of torrent data files to other directory on downloading completion.
  • Auto Watch automatic adding torrents to rtorrent via nested set of watch directories.

Auto Label
Label will be created automatically, if:
  • Label is created by template, that can be set in Autotools options page.
  • Label is created if label input field in add torrent dialogue is empty.

Labels template variables:
  • {DIR}: If there is a variable directory = /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/Video/DVD and new torrent is saved as /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/Video/DVD/movie.avi, This variable will be Video/DVD.

  • {TRACKER}: This variable will be set to tracker name.

  • {NOW}: This variable will be set to the current date using strftime() function. Default format is %Y-%m-%d. It is possible to set custom format using syntax: {NOW[:<format>]}, for example: {NOW:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M}.

Auto Move
The downloaded torrent data files are transferred to the target directory, which is set in configuration, with the same directory structure relative to download directory started for seeding.

For example: If there is a source download directory /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads and /share/Download/rtorrent/complete set as the directory for finished downloads, the files downloaded to /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/Video/Movie/*.avi will be moved to /share/Download/rtorrent/complete/Video/Movie/*.avi on downloading completion.

There was an idea to use this plugin in case when the directory for ready downloads was a mounted resource such as an other disk volume or USB disk or whatever else with common access.

Auto Watch
.torrent files are placed in nested subdirectories of a desired structure on some base directory. This base directory can be set in the plugin settings.

This works very much like normal watch directories in rtorrent, except in a nested hierarchy. Torrents added in this way, will be downloaded to a corresponding directory in the path of whatever dir you've set in rtorrent.rc

With this, you can create a system of watch directories to drop .torrent files into.

Some features
  • The plugin handle correctly a situation with one data directory for several torrents - files will be moved according to torrent file list, instead of simple directory moving.

  • If there are files with the same names, as for completed torrent, in the directory for ready downloads, they will be overwritten.

Best Practice
Is to use following settings:

download data structure Understand download directories structure.
  • Downloading torrent is saved for download and seeding in:

  • On torrent download completion step, finished torrent data will be *hard-linked, moved or copied (depends on settings) to:

  • When torrent download is finished and it's a movie or tv-show, then automatically postprocess downloaded content, detect media content type, make a *hard-link copy into:
    rename directories and file names of this copy, grab artworks and scrap metadata.
*Hard-link method is always recommended.
Usage is described in a help hint box under the name "Why do I need same torrent in downloads, complete and in medialibrary?"

downloads are saved in download share It is important to keep downloaded data on main disk volume on NAS in the Download share for several reasons, like compatibility with common QNAP applications and etc. It's not possible to change this path, and doing this manually may affect program stability.

download location Instead of changing download locations, use hard-links to move finished torrents data into complete directories on the NAS. Moving hard-linked content doesn't affect NAS performance and it's "0-byte copy" of the source data, this mean 1GB torrent stored in 3 locations downloads, complete and medialibrary costs your disk not 3GB, but only 1GB.

why do i need same torrent in downloads, complete and in medialibrary? When using private trackers users must follow some rules and seed downloaded data to reach desired ratio. Thats can be diffucult especially when it's needed to organize downloaded data and rename it's directory structure or file names to make it compilant with media collection naming rules. That's why idea is to keep same torrent data in three different locations as "0-byte" copy in:
  1. downloads - untouched content, eg. for download and seeding

  2. complete - finished content for common usage (hard-link copy recommended)

  3. medialibrary - hardlinked ("0-bytes" copy of) movies or tv-shows that are sorted, renamed, with artworks and metadata

what is media library? Media Library is organized structure of downloaded media content which looks good and elegant, compilant with Kodi, Plex and Emby.
Automatically postprocess completed movies and tv-shows and make additional library with it, rename its directories, download fanarts, posters, metadata to build elegant-looking compilant with Kodi, Plex, Emby and Windows Explorer collection.

Organize downloaded media files with FileBot
  1. Thats how common movie or tv-shows downloads looks like:

  2. And that's how it can look like in a Media Library after rtorrent-Pro process it:

    * real Windows Explorer screen of movies processed from source found in 1st. screen