Help Trial version available?


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Mar 23, 2021
802.11b (Wi-Fi 1)
Right now I use uTorrent. I have a nice automated setup but it requires a dedicated PC to be left on as my "downloads machine" and I'd like to remove this piece of hardware and instead use rtorrent on my TS-453.

Before I bite the bullet and pay the 15 euros, I'd like to know it can handle everything as I'd like.

@Silas Mariusz, it looks like you've built an incredible tool and I've done some reading on this site but I'd like to try rtorrent before buying it. If you're reading this can you please confirm that rtorrent will be able to replicate my current workflow:

1. uTorrent monitors an RSS feed and downloads the contents automatically.
2. When a download finishes, it runs a batch file which calls Filebot (for renaming and moving files to the appropriate NAS locations), does some cleanup, and sends me a Pushbullet notification (email/RSS would also be fine). I've seen the posts in this forum about Filebot integration so I'm pretty sure that part will work, but what about notifications and cleanup (deleting empty folders, unwanted extras like JPEGs and subtitles etc)?
3. I also have the ability to send torrent files to uTorrent remotely (by syncing a single folder in OneDrive) so it'd be nice to be able to retain this process in some manner. I've seen that rtorrent has a watch folder but that doesn't help if I'm not on the same LAN - can I email .torrent files to rtorrent?

Is there a trial available for rtorrent so that I could experiment to see whether it can replace my downloads machine?

Firmware version: x.x.x Build 20YYMMDD
Model name: QNAP TS-453