Firewall may refer to:
Firewall (construction), a barrier inside a building or vehicle, designed to limit the spread of fire, heat and structural collapse
Firewall (engine), the part of a vehicle that separates the engine compartment from the rest of the vehicle
Firewall (computing), a technological barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted communications between computer networks or hosts
Personal firewall, a very popular form of firewall designed to protect personal computers

Firewall (physics), a hypothetical phenomenon where a freely falling observer spontaneously burns up at the horizon of a black hole
Firewall, the alias of Lange (musician) (born 1974)
Firewall (film), a 2006 thriller film written by Joe Forte, starring Harrison Ford
Firewall (Henning Mankell novel), a 1998 novel by Henning Mankell, featuring Kurt Wallander
Firewall (Andy McNab novel), a Nick Stone adventure
Firewall (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe
"Firewall", a song by Steve Vai off his Real Illusions: Reflections album
Chinese wall, a zone of non-communication between distinct sections of a business, in order to prevent conflicts of interest
Great Firewall, China's internet censorship firewall
The Alberta Agenda, also known as the Alberta Firewall, a political proposal for the Canadian province
"Firewall", an episode of the computer animated series ReBoot

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